CADdaddy Tools

CADdaddy Tools for Revit® is an add-in productivity pack for Revit users of all disciplines. 

DOWNLOAD a Trial copy CADdaddy Tools for Revit® that works for version 2020-2018.

When the Release for 2021 comes out in July 2020, the app will be free and support version 2021-2018.

This growing set of productivity tools currently contains these tools:

Export Families

Batch exports selected non-system families to disk.
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Renumber Items

Renumbers any item in the order selected. Supports suffixes, prefixes, and user selected increments.
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Renumber Doors

Renumbers all doors in a project based on the room each door opens into.
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Hide In Views

Hides or unhides elements/categories in selected views.
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Quickly and easily associates nested family parameters.
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Toggle Reference

Quickly turn reference planes off and on again.

 NEW for 2021
Revision Narrative
Creates a formatted "Revision Narrative" document with comments for each revision on every sheet in your project.