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Type in a number or letter to start with...then simply start picking objects in the sequence you want them renumbered/re-lettered.  After you select the first element all subsequent selections will be restricted to that same category.
Automatically renumber all the elements in a category based on the elements location in the view.  Up to down, left to right, right to left....whichever direction you choose.



  • Numerical or alphabetical numbering.
  • Adjustable increment value (for numerical numbering).
  • Specify which characters to omit (for alphabetical numbering).
  • Prefix and/or Suffix.
  • new Works for all elements!
  • new Renumbers types!
  • new Automatic renumbering based on items location in view!
  • new Automatic or manual control when duplicate tags are encountered.


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watch these demonstration videos:

Renumber by picking

Renumber by location in view

Duplicate Handling