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Renumbers all doors in project (including untagged doors) based on room number and sequential letter or number.  Example:  Doors in room 101  may be numbered 101-A, 101-B, and 101-C.

Revit does not include the To Room or From Room number as a parameter that can be included in the door tag. Since many architects like to number doors based on room number this program eases the tedium of renumbering the doors manually. 


  • Renumbers all doors in project based on room number.

  • Room Number associated with door can be changed using the Renumber FromTo tool.

  • Formatting features allow users to include a separator character between the room number and the door sub-mark. Number or Letters can be use for the door mark.

  • Room number and sub-mark can be stored separately (in a shared parameter) so the users can include the room number on the door tag and label the room number and the sub-mark separately.
 Before renumbering...
   After renumbering...

Watch this demonstration video:

Renumber Doors