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Download CADdaddy Tools for AutoCAD® 2006-2011 here!
Powerful Programs for CAD Managers by a CAD Manager...
The programs contain powerful tools for CAD Managers. All of them are designed with "Managiblity" in mind for small and large projects. The programs were created by a former CAD manager and have been used for years in firms just like yours.




Automatically scales and/or rotates attributes upon insertion into the drawing.



Automatically runs selected script when a drawing is opened...even during publish.



Automatically creates new layers based on block names...and more!



A powerful wild-card based layer management system.



Automatically draws revisions on sheet by checking a sheet/revision matrix.





Plus granular configuration...
The heart of the CADcoop package is it's granular configurability. Programs that require user configuration can be configured at three levels:

    Root Level
All users in the office are forced to use the same configuration selected by the root user (i.e., the CAD Manager)
    Project Level
Configuration settings that are not enforced by the Root can be enforced for all users working on a particular project.
    User Level
Any configuration settings not enforced at the Root level or Project level are free to be edited by the users.